new edit for iSlouch video

So I have this good friend Jake who lives in Portland, Maine, where he, among other things, produces wonderful beats using an SP-1200. The SP-1200 is a drum machine/sampler made by EMU in the early 1990s (or late 80's maybe even) and features 8-bits of processing power (like an original Nintendo). This drum machine was used by such greats as Pete Rock and J Dilla. It is still used today by saavy instrumental hip hop enthusiasts who seek the dirty dirty raw sound the SP creates. Jake uses one and makes beats under the name iSlouch. He makes all sorts of beats for all sorts of things but my favorites are the ones he makes with the intention of performing them live. He structures the sequence and sets up the pads such that his mighty magic fingers can play the beat in real time, creating what I would consider one of the most impressive and engaging styles of live music. I have seen a few people do this, including Jel and Odd Nosdam, and iSlouch can definitely hang with those guys.

Last summer I filmed iSlouch and another pal of mine, AdamB, doing some live stuff on their drum machines. It took a whole year of slacking but finally I got around to editing a bit of the footage into a "music video" of sorts. We ghetto-ly hung a green sheet behind the performers, which I later removed in Adobe Premier Pro using a color key video effect. Actually I used about 37 color keys. It took a long time and made my computer grumpy. Once I isolated the video footage of just Jake playing the SP, I was able to basically superimpose it into a series of simple animations that I also painstakingly assembled in Premier. The final result is this video you see right here. The sound is taken directly from the mic on the camera, so you can hear his fingers slapping the old school, Nintendo-plastic pads on the SP.

The song is called "Star Charred Baby Smile" and is one of my all-time favorites.

The edited timeline in Premier: Lots of layers!
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